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Customer Report: Jean Marc Chauviré


I am a fan of Alliance for over 10 years


The story of Mr. Jean Marc Chauviré and his first-hand experience with Alliance tyres / A372 IF / A380 / A390


Sometimes the most durable relationships start uphill. Uphill and literally on the hill in the case of the long lasting partnership between ATG and Jean Marc Chauviré, agricultural work contractor from Malguénac, a small village nestled in the hills of Brittany (France).


Alliance Tire Group launches new European Advertising Campaign focused on farmer’s life

ATG Europe launches phase one of its brand new advertising campaign, ready to be talked about in the tires conventional advertising scenario.


The new ad will be officially presented to European press at REIFEN 2016, the world’s leading fair of the tire industry, in Essen (Germany).


24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany



Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS: Secure base for ‘reaching up high’

Absolute reliability and stability in forklift tires now have a name: YARDMASTER SDS / Puncture-proof operation / Markedly longer tire life than pneumatic tires / Comfortable ride with central cushion layer



24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


If there was a king of forklift tires, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS would have excellent chances to acquire that position. Developed and designed for warehouse operations, all kinds of loading and unloading work, shop-floor as well as port and yard operations, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS is a true workhorse for long and demanding tasks.


Galaxy JUMBO HULK: The ‘versatile specialist’ for backhoe loaders

Versatile tire for versatile machines / Unique L-4 tread pattern for severe conditions / Extraordinary hours of service and low to zero downtime



24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


The Galaxy brand will use this year’s REIFEN fair in Essen to present the JUMBO HULK in size 16.9-28 as versatile and application oriented back tire for backhoe loaders with W15L rims. Being rather light and multifunctional machines, backhoe loaders are frequently used for earth-moving in on- and off-road construction sites. Tires for these machines therefore have to cope with very diverse operating environments.


Alliance 380 VF: Meet the world leader in flotation

Very High Flexion tire for agri-transport / Higher load – or reduced inflation pressure with same load / Very gentle to the soil / Superior puncture resistance due to steel belt



24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


Flotation tires of Alliance are renowned for their outstanding performance and effective soil protection. The innovative 380 VF AGRITRANSPORT, however, that is on display in size 600/55R26.5 VF at this year’s REIFEN fair in Essen even tops these well-known superior characteristics.


Alliance 378 AGRISTAR XL – tire evolution at its best

As modern tractors grow in size, weight, horsepower and speed, tire evolution is constantly needed / Excellent performance of 378 is based on large volume tire technology / Customers need optimum solutions – the AGRISTAR XL delivers



24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


Performance and efficiency are at the core of the innovative Alliance 378 AGRISTAR XL which is on display in size 900/60R42 at the REIFEN fair in Essen.


Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX: The tire with ‘built-in’ efficiency boost for tractors and harvesters

More load, higher speeds / New IF and VF technology to minimise impact on soils due to reduced inflation pressure / Optimum performance on multiple surfaces / Maximum reliability with low rate of wear and minimum downtime


24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


Improved Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) represent the latest technology for agricultural tires. Considerable advancements in tire design, construction and material have enabled what can be considered a true boost for tire performance: These advancements allow the Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX and AGRIFLEX+ tires to carry the same load at a markedly lower tire pressure, or carry higher loads at the same inflation pressure when compared to standard radial tractor tires.


ATG to showcase numerous innovations @ REIFEN in Essen

Alliance and Galaxy brands introduce new solutions for agriculture, construction and industry uses / Display demonstrates broad expertise and leadership of ATG in the Off-Highway sector /


17.05.2016| Essen, Germany


At REIFEN 2016, the world’s leading fair of the tire industry, ATG will once again present an impressive innovation firework. With a broad range of specialised tires and tailor-made tire solutions for all kinds of demanding applications and operations, Alliance Tire Group is a renowned world leader for tires in the various challenging Off-Highway segments. Some of these innovative ATG tires will be on display at upcoming REIFEN fair in Essen.



Customer Report



“IT RUNS, AND RUNS, AND RUNS“ - more than 6,000 operating hours on a 20-ton excavator



25.04.2016 | Amsterdam


Wherever new ways, roads or railway lines are built in the region between Antwerp and Brussels, there is a field of activity for Luc Bosch and his team. The building contractor from Oelegem, Belgium, has specialised in preparatory works for road and railway line construction and is since considered an expert for these fields of work.



Galaxy Port Star Plus: New high performance tyre to ‘keep the cargo rolling’

New Galaxy Port Star Plus further adds to ATG’s Port Tyre Range / Innovative tyre solution for reach stackers in heavy duty port operations / Developed for 365 days a year operation with minimum downtime



12.04.2016 | Munich, Germany


ATG, a leading Off-Highway Tyre (OHT) manufacturer, is a renowned port tyre specialist with innovative high performance tyres for all kinds of demanding operations. With a robust nylon carcass, high insulation between the ply layers and an extra deep E-4.5 tread, the Galaxy Port Star Plus is made for highest durability and reliability.



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