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Presskit on the THE GALAXY “PRACTICE PRESS TOUR” Alicante 26 Oct 2016

Background information on the THE GALAXY “PRACTICE PRESS TOUR” for the construction trade press on 26th and 27th October 2016 in Alicante / Spain and surrounding areas


ATG: Solid solutions for ‘far more than solid’ performance!

Excellent combination of puncture resistance, extended service life and high driving comfort: Innovative ATG SDS tires for forklifts, loaders and skid-steer loaders offer new dimension of value for money / Dual Master 506 and GARDEN PRO as proven radial solutions for excavators and utility tractors



26.10.2016 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Alicante


Tires on forklifts, loaders and skid-steer loaders are met by really tough working conditions wherever they are used. Abrasive surfaces such as tar or concrete, tight or even ‘on the spot’ turns, high load requirements – all this adds to huge daily challenges. Given such demanding working environments, low wear and long service life, maximum puncture resistance and reliable performance without costly downtimes, along with high operator comfort for long and efficient working days, are key features that owners and operators look for. With the innovative YARDMASTER SDS, Beefy Baby SDS, Hulk SDS, Super Smooth SDS, and LHD 500 SDS, ATG Europe are proud to present outstanding all in one tire solutions for these three key types of machinery.



ATG at EIMA: ‘All-round’ solutions for ‘the agriculture of the future’

Ensuring effective soil protection and excellent economic performance are key issues for ATG as world leading manufacturer of Off-Highway-Tires / Demonstrating competence and dedication with innovative IF, VF and heavy duty solutions for agriculture at EIMA 2016 / Delivering evidence for better value and smarter choice



07.10.2016 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative Off-Highway Tires, ATG (Alliance Tire Group) will use this years’ EIMA in Bologna to showcase some of the company’s outstanding tire solutions for ‘the agriculture of the future’. Machines tend to become ever more effective, bigger and heavier. At the same time, the minimisation of time spent on unproductive road transfers becomes increasingly important. Against this background, ATG has earned an excellent reputation for providing innovative, reliable and high performance solutions which are the smarter choice for better value.



Galaxy JUMBO HULK: The ‘versatile specialist’ for backhoe loaders

Versatile tire for versatile machines / Unique L-4 tread pattern for severe conditions / Extraordinary hours of service and low to zero downtime



27.09.2016 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


From now on Alliance Tire Group presents with the new JUMBO HULK in size 16.9-28 a versatile and application oriented back tire for backhoe loaders.




Reifen von ATG: Viel mehr als nur „eine runde Sache“

Innovative Spitzentechnologie für Top-Leistungen

On- und Off-Highway


Führender Hersteller von Off-Highway Reifen ist auch Technologievorreiter bei IF- und VF-Reifen / Antworten auf wachsende Anforderungen bei Nutzlast und Bodenschutz in der Landwirtschaft / Mit dem Multiuse 550 auch stark in Winterdienst und Kommunaleinsatz / Kundennaher Service dank bewährter Kooperation mit Bohnenkamp



08.09.2016 | Amsterdam


Die „schneller, höher, weiter“ Anforderungen ziehen sich in allen Branchen wie ein roter Faden durch die technologischen Entwicklungen. Das gilt insbesondere auch für die Landwirtschaft, in der sich Arbeitsbreiten, Leistungen und Nutzlasten der Maschinen und Fahrzeuge in großen Schritten entwickeln. Mit der IF- und VF-Technologie ist die Alliance Tire Group deshalb auch ein Vorreiter, wenn es darum geht, die höheren Leistungen und Gewichte bodenschonend in Traktion und Tragkraft umzusetzen.



A365 AGRI-STAR R-1W, high performance tire for high HP tractors


01.09.2016 l Amsterdam, The Netherlands


As demand on agricultural production is increasing, farmers practicing modern agriculture have resorted to advanced and more powerful machinery to tackle the need for increased productivity.



El nuevo equipo de ATG Europa listo para aportar un valor extraordinario a los clientes de la península Ibérica

22.08.2016 | Amsterdam


Después de la reciente incorporación de Pedro Blanco, que se unió a ATG como Country Manager Iberia, Alliance Tire Europa está encantada de dar la bienvenida a bordo a José Miñarro Molero como nuevo Field Engineer Iberia para actividades de marketing operacional.



ATG @ INNOVAGRI in Outarville, Loiret: A wide range of improved flexion and very high flexion flotation tires for all applications

Alliance introduces new solutions for Agri-transport/ 13 tires displayed to give a concrete proof of Alliance leadership and expertise in IF & VF technology and large volume flotation tires/



05.08.2016 | Amsterdam, Pays-Bas


ATG will exhibit at upcoming INNOVAGRI 2016 and will present an impressive innovative range of Alliance tires.


With a broad range of specialised tires and tailor-made tire solutions for all kinds of demanding applications and operations, Alliance Tire Group is a renowned world leader for tires in the various challenging Off-Highway segments. Some of these innovative Alliance tires will be on display at INNOVAGRI in Outarville, Loiret.


Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS: Secure base for ‘reaching up high’

Absolute reliability and stability in forklift tires now have a name: YARDMASTER SDS / Puncture-proof operation / Markedly longer tire life than pneumatic tires / Comfortable ride with central cushion layer



02.08.2016 | Amsterdam


If there was a king of forklift tires, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS would have excellent chances to acquire that position. Developed and designed for warehouse operations, all kinds of loading and unloading work, shop-floor as well as port and yard operations, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS is a true workhorse for long and demanding tasks. Be it smooth concrete surfaces which require maximum stability, damaged concrete floors or paved surfaces in combination with metallic loading ramps which require excellent grip, abrasive tarred surfaces which require low wear features, or obstructed aisles in warehouses which challenge tire sidewalls – the Yardmaster is the answer for such demanding working environments.



Costumer Report "FarmPro series"

Agricultural scenario is changing, Alliance radial technology follows suit



22.07.2016 l Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The weather is warming up and so are the agricultural machines: it is time pull out the tractors from their sheds and making them work at full capacity.

There is not better opportunity to see in action Alliance new generation radial tires for modern farm tractors: FarmPRO series, A365 AgriStar and A372 AGRIFLEX equipped with IF and VF technology.



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