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Innovative Alliance 128 High Speed Flotation: “All-round” advantages

High tractive force / Efficient soil protection/ High speed flotation / Smooth ride / Low total cost of ownership


04.12.2017| Amsterdam


The Alliance 128 High Speed Flotation is a newly developed tyre for agricultural trailers, spreader trucks and balers. The innovative tread pattern combines shoulder lugs for high tractive force, centre-rib lugs for a smooth ride and low rolling resistance as well as rounded shoulders for efficient soil protection.




Alliance 337 Deep Lug: New “mud specialist” for low horse-power tractors

Diagonal tyre for operation in wetlands/ High traction, high load / Good self-cleaning ability and road-ability / Long service life


04.12.2017 | Amsterdam


The new Alliance 337 Deep Lug was specifically developed for rice, sugar cane and other muddy terrain. Thanks to the tyre’s multi angled tread pattern and stepped lugs, the 337 Deep Lug is the new traction specialist for soils which are extremely wet and sticky. At the same time, this tyre ensures good road-ability and an extended service life on and off-road.




Alliance Tire Group: Boosting the focus on the OEM segment


Excellent reputation in the aftermarket, rapidly growing recognition as innovative OEM tyre manufacturer / 600 ATG tyres on machines of well over 100 brands on display at Agritechnica / OEM team for Europe to further boost OEM presence


13.11.2017 | Hanover/Amsterdam


Alliance Tire Group has earned an excellent reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality, high performance off-highway tyres for the aftermarket. Based on the expertise of about 175 ATG research & development engineers in Europe, Israel and India, and with the powerful support of another 1,000 research & development engineers at Yokohama, ATG also receives quickly growing recognition as manufacturer of innovative and specialist tyres for the OEM segment. At Agritechnica alone, more than 600 Alliance tires distributed over 100 machines brands will be on display.


New sizes for Alliance 389VF: the 1st flotation tire with VF Technology now available in a wide range of sizes

The size range of the Alliance premium tire 389VF is getting wider and wider. 3 new sizes have been released and are now available: VF 650/55R26.5, VF 600/55R26.5 and VF 710/50R26.5. Further sizes will be added by the end of the year and during the first half of 2018.


Galaxy Marathoner keeps construction work running

“Mud Breakers” tread design / Special solution for construction work / Reinforced sidewalls and special components ensure optimum traction and outstanding wear resistance


04.09.2017 | Amsterdam


When construction businesses are looking for reliable and efficient tires to operate their backhoe loaders, utility tractors and skid steer loaders under really challenging and often muddy working conditions, ATG’s Galaxy Marathoner is the first choice. The special “Mud Breakers” tread design virtually ejects mud from the tread, thus ensuring efficient grip and traction at all times, making the Galaxy Marathoner one of the best skid steer tires in its class.


Galaxy Yardmaster: “Performing high”

New Yardmaster tires for forklifts / Strong casing, optimal profile / Cut, chip and wear resistant / Stronger sidewalls and improved tread block reinforcement / Flat tread radius for even wear


27.07.2017 | Amsterdam


Effectively handling cargo and reaching up high whilst standing firm – that is what forklifts are expected to deliver. With sizes 250-15 NHS and 300-15 NHS, Galaxy now launches two new tires in the proven Yardmaster tire range. Designed for high performance in medium intensity operations, Yardmaster tires are distinguished by a strong casing with stiff sidewalls which ensure pneumatic ride comfort and stability particularly during lifting operations.



Quantum leap: The unique “two-in-one” Alliance 389 VF

World’s first flotation tire with VF technology / Minimising footprint, maximising performance / Trailers now can match performance of tractors with latest VF tire generation / First size launched in May, others to follow throughout 2017



12.07.2017 | Amsterdam/Neuss


For the first time worldwide, ATG’s 389 VF tires combine flotation with Very High Flexion (VF) technology, thus allowing large trailers in agricultural transport to match the performance of modern high horsepower tractors which are equipped with tires of the latest VF generation. The “two-in-one” Alliance 389 VF therefore stands for a truly revolutionary tire concept.



Alliance presents at Elmia Wood 2017 its specialized forestry tires that ensure higher degree of soil protection

Come and meet our forestry professionals from 7 to 10 June at booth #825


Alliance Tire Group will showcase its newest forestry tire range at ELMIA WOOD, the world’s largest forestry fair that will be held in the Swedish forest south of Jönköping.


17.05.2017 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Alliance offers a wide range of tires for forestry machines such as Log Skidders, Harvesters, Forwarders, Tractors and Trailers. Alliance LS-2 tires are built with special forestry compound that resist cutting and chipping. Additionally, these tires are reinforced with steel belts to prevent punctures. Alliance offers also a range of Agro-forestry tires for forestry tractors with steel belts, designed to operate efficiently in tough forestry conditions.


Weltpremiere des ersten Flotationsreifens mit VF-Technologie 
– Erster Praxiseinsatz auf einem Ackerbaubetrieb bei Leipzig

Alliance 389 VF, der weltweit erste Flotationsreifen mit VF-Technologie: Flotation + VF-Eigenschaften in einem Reifen


3.Mai.2017 | Leipzig / Amsterdam


Flotationsreifen und die VF-Technologie stehen gleichermaßen für revolutionäre Innovationen bei Reifen. Jede dieser Innovationen brachte bereits für sich alleine entscheidende Verbesserungen für landwirtschaftliche Maschinen – beim Bodenschutz ebenso wie bei der Effizienz. Die Reifenentwicklungsingenieure von ATG haben zu beiden Entwicklungen einen entscheidenden Beitrag geleistet. Mit der Kombination dieser innovativen Ansätze kann die Alliance Tire Group jetzt eine weitere Reifeninnovation präsentieren.


ATG mit starkem Forstangebot für die Saison 2017

Neuheiten und Weiterentwicklungen zur Forst live 2017 in Offenburg / Langlebige Spezialreifen für Forsttraktoren, Harvester, Skidder, Rückezüge und Forstanhänger


06.04.2017 | Amsterdam/Offenburg


Komplettes Reifenportfolio für den Forsteinsatz – unter diesem Motto ist ATG zusammen mit der Bohnenkamp AG bei der diesjährigen FORST live in Offenburg vertreten. Als einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller von Spezialreifen für den Off-Highway-Einsatz präsentiert Alliance jetzt in Europa als einem Kernmarkt ein starkes Sortiment besonders langlebiger, haltbarer und traktionsstarker Reifen für unterschiedlichste Maschinen im Forsteinsatz. Dazu zählen neben dem F333 AGRO-FORESTRY Stahlgürtel-Diagonalreifen für Forsttraktoren unter anderem auch der F342 Flotation-Radialreifen für Forsttraktoren, Harvester und Rückezüge oder der F331 Flotation Diagonal-Forst für Harvester und Forstanhänger. Kennzeichen aller Forst Spezialreifen von Alliance: Sie werden für den fordernden Einsatz im Forst entwickelt und hergestellt – und das zahlt sich im täglichen Einsatz deutlich aus.



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