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ATG: Tyres in service of ‘flowering beauties’

The famous flower fields of the Netherlands require cautious and gentle operation / ATG’s Row Crop Radial provide high level of protection for the valuable crop whilst ensuring excellent traction and operating comfort


01.06.2015 / Stad aan't Haringvliet, The Netherlands

“Tulips from Amsterdam” have often been sung about, and indeed fields of flowering tulips characterise the Dutch landscape in spring time. Just as other high value crops, tulips require farmers to pay particular attention to the protection of plants and bulbs. That is why R&D engineers at ATG developed the Alliance Row Crop Radial. “These tyres offer superior protection for the plants because the shoulders are rounded whilst the radial construction allows for a longer footprint and thus low ground pressure”, explains Angelo Noronha, Chief Sales and Marketing – After Market, Europe.


ATG: Leader in skidsteer tyres launches new ‘long-life’ designs

ATG’s Galaxy brand lives up to its reputation as ‘leader in skidsteer tyres’ with new Trac Star ND L-4 and new Beefy Baby SDS solid tyre.


20.04.2015 / Paris, France

Skidsteer loaders are versatile and highly agile. They are used in all kinds of industrial, construction and agricultural applications. However, meeting such expectations in the long run clearly depends on the tyres of the vehicles: due to specific construction features, skidsteer tyres have to meet very high requirements in terms of grip, durability and low wear. The Galaxy brand of ATG is the world leader in skidsteer tyres. “Based on our engineers’ profound knowledge and experience, our new skidsteer tyres once again meet the highest expectations. The two new designs Trac Star ND L-4 and Beefy Baby SDS launched at this year’s Intermat in Paris offer our customers excellent value for money”, says Yogesh Mahansaria, founder of Alliance Tire Group.


ATG: Innovative tyre solutions for excavators.

Alliance Tire Group presents new Heavy Duty high flotation tyres and the Dual Master ‘dual-tyre configuration. Innovative and practical solutions for wheeled excavators.


20.04.2015 / Paris, France

Construction equipments are built to cope with all kinds of tough off-road conditions – and this also must apply to tyres which are developed for the construction and OTR machines. That is why engineers at ATG have gone a long way to build the 344 Heavy Duty tyres for excavators, dumpers and loaders, as well as the innovative 506 Dual Master tyres for excavators”, highlights Yogesh Mahansaria, founder and CEO of Alliance Tire Group. “We are proud to present these innovative tyres and tyre concepts – amongst other new high-performance ATG products – at this year’s Intermat in Paris”, Mahansaria says.


ATG presents new multi-purpose tyres for earth moving trailers at Intermat 2015

New tyre specially designed for use in trailers in size 24R20.5. All steel construction to provide a robust and tough tyre to be used in demanding conditions.


20.04.2015 / Paris, France

Efficient transport and earth moving operations in construction sites depend on appropriate technical and technological solutions: With the new multi-purpose tyres for trailers, the leading Off-Highway Tyre (OHT) manufacturer Alliance Tire Group (ATG) presents high volume radial flotation tyres designed to optimise the efficiency of bulk transport operations. “When developing these new high performance radials, our engineers have used the extensive experience gained with tyres for agricultural transportation”, explains Dr. George Ronai from ATG’s Israel based Research and Development department. “This new size 24R20.5 in design 392 was developed with several key objectives: In addition to high speed and load capacity, these tyres were designed for excellent flotation, high self-cleaning capabilities and significantly reduced rate of wear”, says Dr. Ronai....


ATG: Application specific, purpose built tyres for contract utility.

ATG’s Galaxy brand offers application specific purpose built tyres for a wide range of applications that include machines such as earth movers, telehandlers, excavators, backhoe loaders, industrial tractors and machinery as well as utility tractors and turf equipment


20.04.2015 / Paris, France

With past experience Alliance Tire Group (ATG) developed expertise in building application specific purpose built tyres, keeping customer needs in mind. To reinforce this commitment ATG launches two new tyres in the contract-utility category, namely Galaxy Garden-Pro and Jumbo Hulk.


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