Tyre life and reliability redefined: ATG’s new Dual Master Excavator Radial Tyres

New excavator tyre designed to ‘master’ growing weights and payloads as well as challenging operating environments / Extraordinary puncture resistance minimises downtimes on construction sites and resulting costly trips to the repair shop / Long tyre life means low cost of ownership and high return on investment


12.04.2016 | Munich, Germany

With the presentation of the Dual Master A 506 tyre at BAUMA in Munich, Alliance Tire Group has set an impressive new benchmark for tyre life and reliability: The all steel radial construction of the Dual Master offers smooth running at higher speeds, better puncture protection, increased stability, higher load carrying capacities, better flotation characteristics, lower rolling resistance and better fuel economy. In addition to an expected tyre life of about 6,800 working hours and the excellent re-treadability, the features of this tyre adds up to a superior overall performance with low total cost of ownership.



Excavators of today demand more

Modern wheeled excavators steadily progressed in terms of machine size and capacity from formerly about 10 tonnes to 20 tonnes today. Hence tyres have to carry heavier loads even when the machines are not loaded or working. The Alliance Dual Master A 506 tyrewas developed to master these growing requirements and offer a true ‘smart choice solution’. These innovative tyres feature a flatter sidewall profile; without the need to mount protecting spacers, the ingression of stones between the two tyres of a pair is effectively prevented. As a consequence, sidewall damage and punctures are minimised, so are costly downtimes as well.


tyreThe A 506 features a non-directional tread design which is particularly suited for industrial and hard terrain applications and offers even rolling resistance in both forward and backward operation.As additional benefit, Dual Master tyres are designed to be mounted on drop centre wheels which are easier to mount.


More than a match!

There are different tyre options for excavators such as diagonal tyres which often come as OE fitment, there are re-treaded truck tyres and there is the Alliance Dual Master. “When looking at the whole tyre life and associated cost, our new Dual Master clearly sets the bar. Specifically developed for excavators, these tyres come factory-fresh and thus flawless, they offer an estimated tyre life of 6,800 hours, high levels of puncture protection due to their all steel carcass, excellent flotation and efficient sidewall protection without spacers”, highlights Angelo Noronha, Chief Sales Europe. “When compared to re-treaded truck radials or diagonal tyres, which only offer reduced strength due to previous usage or different design, the excellence of the Dual Master becomes clearly visible.


“And there is yet another aspect that makes the Dual Master ‘the’ excavator tyre of choice: With a regular tyre life that is estimated to reach about 6,800 hours, equivalent to 100 percent, and the possibility to re-tread the tyres at least two times which results in two  additional live periods of about 50 percent each, these tyres will outlive re-treaded truck radials by at least two times, thus offering lower cost per hour and a far better return on investment”, concludes Noronha.