PRESSKIT: USA / Alliance Tire Group: Economical solutions for maximum soil protection in US agriculture

High loads, low soil pressure, massive traction, reliable performance, long service life, good value for money – that’s what US farmers expect from their tires / Demonstrations with A375 Agri-Star, A354 Agriflex IF and A363 Agriflex VF in action / Hands on experiences and ‘practical tire talk’ for European journalists


31.08.2018 | Des Moines, IA, USA

Conservation tillage practices are an important issue for North American farmers since the days of the dust bowl in the 1930s. Today, growing attention is also given to avoiding soil compaction. Alliance Tire Group as leading manufacturer of high performance Off-Highway Tires offers a very broad range of high quality tires with particular focus on performance and soil protection for all kinds of agricultural machinery and equipment. Low inflation pressure and particularly ATG’s renowned Improved Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) tires provide outstanding performance and soil protection with excellent value for money. This was one of the key messages during a press conference and visits of European agricultural journalists to farmers and contractors in the United States in August this year.

Minimum slip, massive traction, low inflation pressure: Alliance 354 IF Agriflex
Specifically developed and built for towed and self-propelled sprayers as well as tractors, the steel belted A354 Agriflex delivers convincing traction in the field, travels on roads at speeds of 65 kph, has special compounds for enhanced resistance to stubble damage, and needs lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity when compared to standard radial tires. The high lugs angle ensures a smooth and comfortable ride at high speeds, the aggressive shoulders provide excellent grip and traction, wide inter-lug spaces allow for efficient self-cleaning whilst the high number of strong and wide lugs ensure a long service life.

Doug Lively, who farms 600 ha of maize and soya near State Center, Iowa, and 240 km northwest of his home farm, has been using this tire since the autumn of 2016. Lively comments on the durability of the 354s and adds: “They've done everything we ask of tires. They offer a lot smoother ride, a larger footprint, and perform excellent in the field, even under very wet and muddy conditions. I couldn't be happier with the tires right now.”

Altogether, 35 sizes of the A354 IF Agriflex are available.

The answer to increased sprayer loads and speeds: Alliance 363 VF Agriflex+
Following the tendency towards higher road speeds, increased tank capacities and longer travel distances between farm and fields, seven sizes of the Alliance A363 were developed and launched so far with the objective to provide adequate answers to these requirements whilst reducing soil pressure and potentially resulting soil compaction at the same time. Developed for towed as well as self-propelled sprayers and for tractors, this Very High Flexion tire allows for 40% more load with the same inflation pressure as standard tires or the same load with a 40% lower inflation pressure, thus clearly protecting the soil from the thread of compaction. Also in the A363 VF, steel belts, special tread compounds and the high rubber to void ratio ensure excellent reliability and low wear. In addition, the directional tread design delivers high traction in the direction of travel and good steering.

For Shawn Adam, a maize, soya and hog producer from Batavia, Iowa, who also sprays 4,850 to 5,600 ha with a John Deere 4030R, the A363 Agriflex+ has proven an excellent choice for a smooth ride on the road and steady, straight steering in the field. “With these tires here, we've seen a lot of benefits from being able to stay on the roads, a lot more stability in the cab, and a lot more longevity of road wear," he says. ”They are a phenomenal product for us. We're getting more productivity and less soil compaction, we're getting less crop injury, and with the way these tires are designed with the center lug down the middle, they just seem to track better down the rows, we're running over less crop. At the end of the day, that all converts into dollars."

“Feet of the Gator”: Alliance 375 Agristar
Be it models of the TerraGator series, combines and other self-propelled harvesters or high horsepower tractors – the high performance tire Alliance 375 Agristar delivers maximum traction and maximum soil protection. High lugs and the wide footprint are some of the characteristics of the Agristar which is presently available in eight different sizes. This tire features a special steel belt construction as well as special rubber compounds in the tread which both contribute to a long and efficient lifetime.

Iowa farmer and tractor puller Doug Lively recently put a set of high-performance Alliance 375 Agristar tires on his Case 4520 self-propelled spreader which he uses for his custom ag lime spreading business. “We feel like they are a lot better than the competing brand we took off," Lively said, noting that the construction of the tire and support he gets from Alliance add to his peace of mind.

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