Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS: Secure base for ‘reaching up high’

Absolute reliability and stability in forklift tires now have a name: YARDMASTER SDS / Puncture-proof operation / Markedly longer tire life than pneumatic tires / Comfortable ride with central cushion layer



24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


If there was a king of forklift tires, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS would have excellent chances to acquire that position. Developed and designed for warehouse operations, all kinds of loading and unloading work, shop-floor as well as port and yard operations, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS is a true workhorse for long and demanding tasks.

Be it smooth concrete surfaces which require maximum stability, damaged concrete floors or paved surfaces in combination with metallic loading ramps which require excellent grip, abrasive tarred surfaces which require low wear features, or obstructed aisles in warehouses which challenge tire sidewalls – the Yardmaster is the answer for such demanding working environments.


Made for the tough tasks...

As Severe Duty Solid (SDS), the YARDMASTER SDS virtually eliminates the possibility of equipment breakdown due to punctures, thus ensuring maximum equipment uptime. The tire profile provides high lateral load carrying capacity, stability and traction whilst the smooth flat tread ensures even wear on hard surfaces. Thanks to the large industrial block pattern with improved tread block reinforcements, tread life and grip both are increased, and the strong central bar stabilises the tread blocks in extreme working conditions. Superior compound formulation ensures improved cut, chip and wear resistance as well as minimum heat build-up when compared to competitors’ tires, thus further adding to an outstanding long service life. Due to the design as ‘3-stage-construction’ and the use of high performance materials, the tread compound maximises tire life, the centre compound ensures a smooth, cushioned ride and operator comfort whilst the base compound provides stability and allows for efficient road transfer. Steel wire creel beads across the entire section of the tire ensure the necessary strength to handle high torque while elimination slippage of the rim.


Convincing ‘team member’

The Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS adds to ATG’s already convincing range of tires for small and medium tonnage forklift equipment. Being released between April and September 2016, the different sizes will serve the 1 to 5.5 tonnes forklift range. Extensive testing of this innovative Severe Duty Solid tire for forklifts and container handling carts reveals that a life-span three to four times longer than with pneumatic tires is to be expected; with about two times the price of a comparable pneumatic tire, the YARDMASTER SDS indeed the smarter choice. 

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