Galaxy Port Star Plus: New high performance tyre to ‘keep the cargo rolling’

New Galaxy Port Star Plus further adds to ATG’s Port Tyre Range / Innovative tyre solution for reach stackers in heavy duty port operations / Developed for 365 days a year operation with minimum downtime



12.04.2016 | Munich, Germany


ATG, a leading Off-Highway Tyre (OHT) manufacturer, is a renowned port tyre specialist with innovative high performance tyres for all kinds of demanding operations. With a robust nylon carcass, high insulation between the ply layers and an extra deep E-4.5 tread, the Galaxy Port Star Plus is made for highest durability and reliability.


The manufacturing process on automatic tyre building machines ensures the full turn up of plies around the tyre beads. As these beads are extra wide and reinforced with superior compounds, the resulting strong bead bundle reliably minimizes any bead failure. In addition, the high rubber to void ratio allows for a wider and flatter profile and, accordingly, a large footprint with an effective ground contact area.


Made for heavy labour

Since vehicles operating in and around ports and comparable industrial sites need super-tough tyres to cope with almost continuous operation 7/24 on seven days a week and 365 days a year, ATG’s development engineers put particular emphasis on reliability and durability. Reach Stackers, for example, lift weights of up to 45 tonnes, continuously demanding maximum performance, stability and reliability.


“We know that ‘time is money’ particularly is true with regard to the time that containerships have to stay in port. We thus understand that reliable high performance tyres are a key requirement for port machinery. As a consequence of continuous operation with heavy loads, however, port applications can cause severe wear and heat build-up in tyres. The ability to avoid and withstand an excessive generation of heat therefore is one of the key features of the Galaxy Port Tyre Range in general and our new Port Star Plus in particular” explains Angelo Noronha, Chief Sales Europe. “In addition, our port tyres are made to withstand heavy scrubbing that tends to occur during operations on concrete surfaces and in extremely abrasive conditions. The extraordinary long service life of these tyres is achieved with a specially formulated tread compound and an equally special production machine”, Noronha adds.