Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS – next level skid steer tyres for heavy duty usage

ATG presents innovative severe duty solid (SDS) tyres for skid steer loaders / Ultimate solution for harsh working environments / Zero downtime, longer tyre life and higher payload



12.04.2016 | Munich, Germany


The new Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is the perfect skid steer tyre for all kinds of heavy duty usage. Harsh operating environments in waste transfer and metal recycling or on construction and demolition sites require tyres that work reliably on hard surfaces, cope with sharp edges, and run flawlessly without punctures, bursts or flats. As reliability and performance of tyres are at the core of ATG’s research and development, that is exactly what the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS delivers: No risk of punctures and bursts, zero downtime, higher payload and longer tyre life.


Solid tyres for ‘more than solid’ performance

Customers looking for solutions for heavy duty usage need tyres that keep the machines operational with zero downtime and less money spent on flat tyres. As solid tyre, the Beefy Baby SDS reliably performs, at the same time offering higher payloads and a four times longer tyre life than pneumatic skid steer tyres. The all solid construction features wear and cut resistance compounds and a higher tread depth which also contributes to tyre life.


According to customers’ preferences, Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS tyres are available with or without apertures. Particularly on hard surfaces, and whenever maximum payload is not the most decisive feature, apertures further enhance operator comfort and the tyres operate with less heat build-up. For all operations with maximum payload requirements, however, Beefy Baby SDS tyres without apertures carry 15% more load.


Special tread design

The special tread design of Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS tyres – with and without apertures – provides excellent traction and stability also in challenging working environments. The Beefy Baby SDS product range includes two sizes, one being size 31x10-20 for rim size 7.50-20. This tyre is available with or without apertures / with or without rim and replaces the pneumatic tyre size 10-16.5. The second model is size 33x12-20 for rim size 7.50-20. This tyre is also available with or without apertures / with or without rim and replaces the pneumatic tyre size 12-16.5.


“Customers operating skid steer loaders in heavy duty usage have special demands as regards the characteristics and performance of their tyres. Practically eliminating downtime, our SDS tyres also offer higher load carrying capacities and a tyre life that is four times longer than with pneumatic tyres. In sum, this is a convincing package that gives the optimum return on investment to our customers”, says Angelo Noronha, Chief sales Europe.