Clear proof in field tests: Soil protection with Alliance A389 VF-Imp

Convincing evidence in practice – 10 cm difference in soil compaction/ Top flotation, effective soil protection / High-end performance in agricultural transport / Excellent stability at all speeds / Low rate of wear


02.11.2018 | Amsterdam

During field tests performed in Denmark in September this year, participating journalists were able to witness the very gentle and soil-preserving performance of the Alliance A389 VF-Imp: Two identical tractor trailer combinations made several passes next to each other on ploughed land. Multiple manual measurements with a penetrometer gave evidence that the soil compaction following the Alliance A389 VF-Imp was markedly lower and tire track depth clearly shallower when compared to a standard tire.

Since the introduction of the first Alliance Bias Flotation Tires in 1994, and the first Alliance Radial Flotation Tires in 2000, performance, load carrying capacity and soil protection have come a long way and reached new, previously unmatched levels. Today, the Alliance A389 VF-Imp provides the best possible solution for soil protection on large and heavy implements such as towed spreaders, grain wagons, liquid manure tankers and other agricultural trailers.

Thanks to the effective combination of flotation and Very High Flexion (VF), the new A389 VF-Imp reliably delivers high flotation, minimal soil compaction, high load carrying capacity and stability at all speeds, as well as a low rate of wear resulting a long service life. The high-performance of the A389 VF-Imp gives evidence of the continuous research, innovation and upgrading achieved by ATG’s development engineers. VF flotation tires for implements towed by tractors with IF and VF tires are ideal solutions for consequent and consistent soil protection.

Convincing answers to today’s challenges in agriculture
Tires for agricultural transport play an important and integral role in farming and agricultural contracting businesses of today. Growing sizes of farms and fields, growing distances between farms, fields and cooperatives, as well as increasingly efficient and high-performance harvesting equipment have created a growing demand for high-performance transport capacity. At the same time, environmental care and particularly soil protection receive growing attention: In order to feed the growing world population, preserving soils and keeping them fertile and intact is paramount. That is why reducing soil pressure and soil compaction to the minimum possible extent – without diminishing productivity – becomes ever more important. With the introduction of Improved Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) tires for tractors, sprayers and comparable machines, important achievements have been made.

The Alliance A389 VF-Imp now provides the right completion to meeting these challenges. This tire features a special tread design for extraordinary grip, excellent flotation and effective self-cleaning as well as a 25% larger footprint for significantly lower soil compaction. In addition, this tire is characterised by a very strong carcass to carry loads at 30% lower inflation pressure – which can go down to 0.8 bar in the field – steel belts for reduced rolling resistance and zero downtime, and special compounds for better overall performance and low wear. The non-directional tread design with unique “S-shaped” centre blocks ensures optimum traction on all soil types, effective steering in both directions, and easy mounting. The Alliance A389 VF-Imp offers a convincing overall package. “Independent testing of a competitor’s tire, the Alliance A380 and the new Alliance A389 VF-Imp proves that the A389 VF-Imp even clearly surpasses the performance of the A380. The combination of VF tires on tractors and trailers thus offers an ideal and coherent approach to effectively protecting the soil”, highlights Ole Baek, Head of Sales for Scandinavia at Alliance Tire Group (ATG). 

Proof in the field
The agricultural enterprise Lystrup & Jomfruens Egede Godser was the setting for an impressive demonstration of the features and performance of the Alliance A389 VF-Imp. Two identical tractor trailer combinations were used for this purpose: John Deere tractors with Alliance Agriflex 372 tires with 1.7 bar inflation pressure for the rear tires and 1.15 bar for the front tires pulled identical trailers with a weight of 19.3 tons each. One trailer was equipped with standard Alliance tires with 2 bar inflation pressure, and the other trailer was equipped with the A389 VF-Imp with a markedly lower inflation pressure of 1.2 to 1.3 bar. Following the passes, multiple manual measurements with a penetrometer – witnessed and also measured by participating journalists of the trade press themselves – gave clear evidence of reduced soil pressure and compaction: In comparison to standard tires, the measured soil density following the A389 VF-Imp was a full unit (10 cm) lower.

“Optically, one can clearly distinguish between the two tracks, but by investigating how much we can push our tool into the ground in both lanes, we discovered that we could get it 10 centimetres deeper in the VF track when compared to the track of the traditional tire”, reported Morten Damsgaard, one of the participating journalists of the field testing.

Different sizes available
The Alliance A389 VF-Imp has a “D” speed rating for 65 km/h, provides superior on-the-road performance, effectively protects the soil against compaction and enhances overall productivity of agricultural transport operations of farmers and contractors. In addition to the main uses on agricultural trailers, the A389 VF-Imp is also suited for fertiliser and spreader trucks, large balers and self-propelled sprayers. This high-performance tire is currently available for rim size 22.5’’ in size VF IMP 560/60R22.5, and for rim size 26.5’’ in sizes VF IMP 600/55R26.5, VF IMP 650/55R26.5, VF IMP 710/50R26.5 and VFIMP 750/45R26.6. The size VF IMP 650/60R26.5 is currently under development. For rim size 30.5’’, also size VF IMP 750/60R30.5 is available and size VF IMP 800/60R32 is currently under development.

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