Born to perform: ATG launches new advertising campaign for the Galaxy industrial and high-performance tyre brand

New campaign signals investment in construction and material handling segments / European campaign for Alliance Tire Group inspired by nature, driven by latest technology innovations / Brand new European campaign for the industrial and OTR brand of Alliance Tire Group / Inspired innovation to deliver best agility, strength, grip, stability, toughness and adaptability


18.01.2018 | Paris / Amsterdam


The agility of a cheetah, the strength of an elephant, the grip of an octopus, the stability of a rhino, the toughness of a turtle and the adaptability of a chameleon: when jobs demand more, Galaxy tyres are ready to perform as the team that is stronger than ever.

The new European advertising campaign features animals that prove to be able to facing challenges in their daily life no matter how tough the environment could be. The core message is focused on “inspired innovation”: Galaxy, the preferred choice of Original Equipment Manufacturers, and market leader in industrial and OTR tyres, presents a full portfolio of innovative patterns for any application ensuring high performance in tough conditions.

“Every element of this campaign evokes the philosophy of Galaxy”, explains Simone Hainz, Product Manager of the brand for Europe. “These tyres are engineered to adapt to and survive in the wildest conditions, when environments get truly demanding and speed of action is key.”

Galaxy tyres ensure maximum grip on varied surfaces thanks to their unique tread designs, thus providing maximum stability even in most difficult situations. Their steel belt increases durability and strength. With their specialized construction that delivers minimum heat built-up at high speeds, Galaxy tyres have higher agility and longer life, especially in longer cycle operations where the fast turnaround can make the difference between profit and pain.

Higher performance, higher productivity: Galaxy is the smarter choice when it is time to deliver consistent results in both on and off-road applications.

Galaxy tyres keep your machine fast and steady, and your eyes right on your goal.

The campaign has been launched today at Pre-Intermat in Paris.