ATG: Tyres in service of ‘flowering beauties’

The famous flower fields of the Netherlands require cautious and gentle operation / ATG’s Row Crop Radial provide high level of protection for the valuable crop whilst ensuring excellent traction and operating comfort


01.06.2015 / Stad aan't Haringvliet, The Netherlands

“Tulips from Amsterdam” have often been sung about, and indeed fields of flowering tulips characterise the Dutch landscape in spring time. Just as other high value crops, tulips require farmers to pay particular attention to the protection of plants and bulbs. That is why R&D engineers at ATG developed the Alliance Row Crop Radial. “These tyres offer superior protection for the plants because the shoulders are rounded whilst the radial construction allows for a longer footprint and thus low ground pressure”, explains Angelo Noronha, Chief Sales and Marketing – After Market, Europe.

Alliance is a pioneer and world leader in narrow row crop radial tyres which were developed for cultivation, spraying  and harvesting operations on sensitive soils with high value produce such as flowers and flower bulbs. “One of our customers, the Maliepaard bloembollen Company in Stad aan't Haringvliet, grows 130 hectares of tulip bulbs. Their tractor, New Holland T6 160 is equipped with 350 Alliance Row Crop Radials on both axle – and these tyres do not only effectively ensure the protection of the soil and plants but also deliver excellent driving comfort and traction at the same time”, Noronha reports.

Mr. Laurens Maliepaard, owner of the Company, is also satisfied with Alliance tire for his new tractor “After using the tyres, I can say Alliance A350 was the right choice as it offers superior crop protection, comfort, and traction, without damaging the soil.”

350 Row Crop Radial: The leader in Row Crop tires

The Alliance 350 is a special line of radial tires for all types of cultivation, harvesting and spraying jobs. The tire is characterized by round shoulders for soil and crop protection. A tough casing and rigid belt provide all the advantages of the radial construction.

The next level in Row Crop tires: Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX (IF) and 354 AGRIFLEX + (VF)

Alliance, taking its leadership in Row Crop tires to the next level has introduced IF (Improved Flexion) and VF (Very improved flexion) low pressure narrow radials in the form of Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX and AGRIFLEX+.

The tire is designed with specific sidewall flexibility, enabling it to carry either the same loads as a standard radial tractor tire but at lower pressures or carry up to 20% (IF) and 40% (VF) more heavier loads at the same pressure.

The main benefits of 354 AGRIFLEX series are:

Operational benefits of 354 AGRIFLEX (IF) tyres:

• Can carry up to 20% higher loads under the same inflation pressure (IF), as well as 40% (VF).

• Larger footprint resulting into lower ground pressure and lower soil compaction.

• Better fuel economy.

• Overall higher operation productivity.

• Machines can operate on higher speed of up to 65kmph.