ATG to showcase numerous innovations @ REIFEN in Essen

Alliance and Galaxy brands introduce new solutions for agriculture, construction and industry uses / Display demonstrates broad expertise and leadership of ATG in the Off-Highway sector /


17.05.2016| Essen, Germany


At REIFEN 2016, the world’s leading fair of the tire industry, ATG will once again present an impressive innovation firework. With a broad range of specialised tires and tailor-made tire solutions for all kinds of demanding applications and operations, Alliance Tire Group is a renowned world leader for tires in the various challenging Off-Highway segments. Some of these innovative ATG tires will be on display at upcoming REIFEN fair in Essen.


Overview: innovative ATG tires at this year’s REIFEN fair
The ATG stand in hall 3.0, stand 3A20, of the REIFEN fair in Essen will hence feature high performance tires for agricultural, construction as well as cargo handling machinery as an extract of the broad ATG OHT range. 

Alliance Agristar XL Volume Series 
As horsepower, performance and total weight of agricultural machines increase from year to year, tires have to match this development. The new Agristar XL Super Volume Series in size 900/60R42 was hence developed for high horsepower tractors, combines and harvesters, big wagons, spreaders and sprayers. Strongly influenced by features of the new IF and VF tire generation, Agristar XL tires provide excellent performance at the price level of standard tires. Tread pattern and lugs are designed to enable a comfortable and smooth ride on hard surfaces combined with high traction and outstanding self-cleaning abilities, whilst the strong textile casing with reinforcing belts guarantees stable tire dimensions, high puncture protection and a large tire to soil contact area. Along with a special modern rubber compound, the durable and elastic sidewalls contribute to a long overall tire life of the Agristar XL Volume Series. 

Alliance Agriflex 372 IF High Speed Radial
Speed, load carrying capacity, soil protection and long service life are key requirements for agricultural tires: Thanks to the increased flexibility of the tires’ sidewalls, the new advanced Agriflex 372 Improved Flexion (IF) tires in size 710/70R42 offer an excellent solution for high speed tractors, combines, sprayers and spreaders. The flexibility of the sidewalls enables the tire to carry up to 20% more load at the same pressure compared to standard radial tires. At the same time, the Agriflex 372 offers a significantly larger footprint which in turn leads to less soil compaction and a comfortable ride for the driver. The larger footprint also provides more effective traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall productivity of the machines. On hard surfaces, the R-1W pattern ensures excellent grip and long tread life.

Alliance Agritransport 380 VF Flotation Radial
Agricultural soils being an equally finite and precious resource, the ability to protect soils whilst carrying large payloads is a key feature of innovative agricultural tires. As pioneer and leader in agri-transport flotation radial tires, Alliance Tire Group now introduces the Agritransport 380 VF Flotation Radial in size 650/55R2635. This tire convinces with either up to 40% more payload compared to its standard flotation variant with the same air pressure or with the same load and a 30% lower inflation pressure. The reduced tire pressure is decisive for more effective soil protection in moist harvesting conditions, for example. In comparison to its conventional variant, the 380 VF also offers a 25% larger footprint and thus exceptional flotation for agricultural transport vehicles.

Galaxy Jumbo Hulk
Agriculture being only one of ATG’s fields of expertise and innovative capacity, the stand of Alliance Tire Group in hall 3 of REIFEN in Essen will also feature the Galaxy Jumbo Hulk, a high performance rear tire for backhoe loaders as well as industrial tractors and machinery, in size 16.9.28. With its unique L-4 tread pattern, ATG’s Jumbo Hulk was specifically designed for severe operating conditions. In addition to superior self-cleaning characteristics, the very deep tread provides excellent traction. At the same time, the high solid-to-void ratio ensures the maximum possible contact area to the ground and a reduced rate of wear. Being extremely resistant against cuts and punctures, Galaxy Jumbo Hulk tires ensure low or zero downtime and an extraordinary long service life.

Galaxy Yardmaster SDS forklift tire
In times of ‘just in time deliveries’ and large cargo ships coming into the ports for just a ‘quick stop over’, efficient and reliable cargo handling becomes more and more important. Along with the broad range of ATG port tires, the new Galaxy Yardmaster in size 7.00 12 is a specialist and premium service tire designed to be used in most demanding applications in cargo handling. Engineered with a heavy duty construction to resist abrasion, punctures and impacts, the wide and flat tread profile provides excellent stability in all kinds of forklift applications.


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