ATG: Leader in skidsteer tyres launches new ‘long-life’ designs

ATG’s Galaxy brand lives up to its reputation as ‘leader in skidsteer tyres’ with new Trac Star ND L-4 and new Beefy Baby SDS solid tyre.


20.04.2015 / Paris, France

Skidsteer loaders are versatile and highly agile. They are used in all kinds of industrial, construction and agricultural applications. However, meeting such expectations in the long run clearly depends on the tyres of the vehicles: due to specific construction features, skidsteer tyres have to meet very high requirements in terms of grip, durability and low wear. The Galaxy brand of ATG is the world leader in skidsteer tyres. “Based on our engineers’ profound knowledge and experience, our new skidsteer tyres once again meet the highest expectations. The two new designs Trac Star ND L-4 and Beefy Baby SDS launched at this year’s Intermat in Paris offer our customers excellent value for money”, says Yogesh Mahansaria, founder of Alliance Tire Group.

Trac Star ND L-4

The new Trac Star ND L-4 is suitable for skidsteer loaders as well as backhoe loaders (Front wheels) and is available in sizes 10-16.5 and 12-16.5. These tyres are characterised by a non-directional tread pattern for better traction when going forward and backward. The block pattern used is ideal for hard surfaces whilst the deep L-4 design ensures optimum traction and a longer tyre life. “The large lug-to-void ratio enables long tread life time is yet another characteristic of this new tyre design”, says Angelo Noronha, Chief Sales and Marketing – After Market, Europe. “Thanks to the rounded shoulders, however, these tyres are also turf friendly. In addition, the shoulder blocks are circumferentially aligned, thus providing even wear, exceptional stability and a large footprint. And – important for a long tyre life: The Trac Star ND L-4 has a full 14% more wearable rubber than other tyres in the segment”, Noronha adds.


Beefy Baby SDS

ATG’s Beefy Baby SDS is a new solid tyre from the leader in skidsteer tyres. The entyre cross section is made of solid rubber, absolutely minimising downtime. Tread compounds are highly wear and cut resistant and the tough construction of the entyre tyre was designed for demanding heavy duty applications. The deeper tread of this all rubber construction makes it possible to re-groove, thus further extending the already remarkably long service life. At the same time, the solid rubber is more stable and therefore allows for higher loads to be carried. Mounting is easy as tyres are pressed onto the rim. Available in sizes 10-16.5/31x10-20 and 12-16.5/33x10-20, the Beefy Baby SDS is available with and without apertures.