ATG: Innovative tyre solutions for excavators.

Alliance Tire Group presents new Heavy Duty high flotation tyres and the Dual Master ‘dual-tyre configuration. Innovative and practical solutions for wheeled excavators.


20.04.2015 / Paris, France

Construction equipments are built to cope with all kinds of tough off-road conditions – and this also must apply to tyres which are developed for the construction and OTR machines. That is why engineers at ATG have gone a long way to build the 344 Heavy Duty tyres for excavators, dumpers and loaders, as well as the innovative 506 Dual Master tyres for excavators”, highlights Yogesh Mahansaria, founder and CEO of Alliance Tire Group. “We are proud to present these innovative tyres and tyre concepts – amongst other new high-performance ATG products – at this year’s Intermat in Paris”, Mahansaria says.

New technology: 506 Dual Master

The Alliance Dual Master 506 tyre series stands for yet another innovative ATG product, markedly improving the dual-tyre configuration for excavators. “The unique construction of the sidewalls of these tyres enables a close contact between two tyres. This eliminates the need to mount a special rubber ring which was previously needed to prevent the penetration of stones between the tyres”, highlights Angelo Noronha, Chief Sales and Marketing – After Market, Europe. Constructed to ensure longer tread lifetime, a comfortable ride and an overall productivity increase of the machine, the strong all-steel radial carcass of these tyres also provides more machine stability, optimum puncture protection and re-tread ability. The new 506 Dual Master is available in size 315/80R22.5. The 506 Dual Masters has been tested in actual working conditions and have surpassed 5000 hours without a single puncture or blowout.

344 Heavy Duty

Developed for use on excavators, dumpers or loaders, the 344 Heavy Duty tyres are to deal with heavy loads also on rough terrain. The new tyre size 600/40-22.5 and 755/55R26.5 successfully replace the traditional dual wheel configuration, frequently used on construction equipment, as well as 755/55R26.5 designed for loader application in agriculture. “The steel belted radial construction, as well as reinforced bead is one of the keys to the exceptional performance of these tyres whilst the lower lug angle of the tyres provides outstanding grip and offers top self-cleaning characteristics due to its wider inter-lug space”, explains Noronha. “The centre of the tyre is characterised by a close spacing of the lugs, thus reducing the tyre’s rolling resistance on hard surfaces. Steel breakers enable uniform ground pressure, and in particular prevent punctures of the tyres, thus extending service life and almost eliminating costly downtimes”, Noronha adds.