ATG: Excellence in tires for construction, building and mining machinery

ATG’s brands offer a vast range of high-performance long-life tires for machinery in the construction, building and mining sectors and industry uses / World leading manufacturer for Off-Highway-Tires (OHT) will present innovative solutions at BAUMA 2016 in Munich / Unrivalled efficiency, durability, reliability, low cost of ownership and competitiveness as key features


07.03.2016 | Munich, Germany


Superior value for users – achieved through continuous innovation, latest technology as well as cost efficient manufacturing and distribution practices: ATG will use BAUMA 2016 in Munich, the 31st edition of this world leading trade fair for construction, building and mining machinery and equipment, to launch a row of innovative tires yet again. “The Galaxy and Alliance brands have an outstanding reputation for highly reliable and durable mobility solutions which offer superior value with lowest cost of ownership to our customers. We are looking forward to present latest results of the hard work of our dedicated development engineers, and of the equally hard and demanding tests that all our products have to pass successfully. The BAUMA trade fair will thus offer a top opportunity yet again to get to know the latest additions to our broad portfolio of high-quality products”, emphasises Peter Baur, President Europe at Alliance Tire Group (ATG).


Next level performance and reliability: Galaxy’s’s Beefy Baby SDS Skidsteer tires

One of ATG’s product at BAUMA will be the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS in size 31 x 10-20, a Severe Duty Solid tire taking performance and reliability of skidsteer tires to the next level. Based on abundant experiences with Galaxy’s eleven proven designs in pneumatic skidsteer tires, the Beefy Baby SDS non-pneumatic tire was now designed to work in extremely severe conditions without the risk of punctures which pneumatic tires may have to endure. Following the launch of this convincing SDS tire, Galaxy is to further extend the brand’s portfolio of solid tires in the coming months. With the brand’s wide range to suit all kinds of applications and budgets, Galaxy’s skidsteer tires provide the optimum solution for demanding customers and just any working environment.


‘Smart choice solution’: Alliance Dual Master 506 for excavators

Being frequently taken from one construction site to the next by means of self-propelled road transfer, excavators with a dual tire configuration need a true “one solution for all” tire concept: low tire wear, low fuel consumption, high traction, high comfort – and optimum reliability. Specifically developed to meet such a broad requirement profile, the Alliance Dual Master 506 series represents an innovative approach to an effective dual excavator’s tire configuration. The special sidewall construction allows close contact between the two tires, thus preventing the penetration of stones between the twin tires without the need to mount a special rubber ring between the tires of each pair. The construction as radial tire allows longer tread life, more comfortable rides, lower fuel consumption and an overall productivity increase of the machine. The Dual Master 506, to be presented in size 315/80R22.5 at BAUMA, has a strong all steel carcass which provides more machine stability, the best puncture protection and also re-treadibility of the tires. The 506 tread pattern belongs to ATG’s well proven industrial traction patterns and thus provides effective performance off and on the road. Shoulder lugs offer efficient grip on softer surfaces, more rubber around the tires’ centre lines as well as smooth and stable behaviour on harder surfaces.


Ready for the biggest challenges

Operations in construction, building, mining and other industry sectors are often very demanding: manoeuvring on hard surfaces and coping with sharp edges as well as high payloads pose constant risks of excessive wear, puncture or other damage to tires with resulting downtime of machinery. “Galaxy and Alliance tires are therefore made to avoid such downtimes which reduce the efficiency of expensive machines. We know that every single hour of operation counts. For us, ensuring optimum tire quality already starts with the rigid selection and evaluation of raw materials in our factories. The process continues with the development and choice of optimum rubber mixtures and the tire construction itself – and then ends with intensive lab and field testing and validation. That is how we ensure that our tires are ready even for the biggest challenges”, explains Elhanan Cohen, Vice president R&D Israel.