Alliance wins Best Competitive Performer Award 2019 from Manitou Group

Prestigious recognition for the Alliance Tire Group as a competitive tire supplier for Manitou Group


29.10.2019 | Amsterdam


The tire manufacturer Alliance Tire Group has recently received a prestigious Best Competitive Performer Award 2019 from Manitou, a French manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery. The award was presented at Manitou’s International Suppliers’ Convention held in the French town of Ancenis at the beginning of October. Alliance won the award in recognition of its excellent cooperation and consistent performance on diverse levels from the development and testing to the procurement and service phase. 

“Alliance is extremely delighted to receive this award from one of the leading companies in its segment where our entire team is very proud to have been recognized for its daily commitment to meet the high standards of Manitou Group. By having received such award we will make every effort to further expand our cooperation,” comments Kristoff Van der Burght, Head of OE Europe at Alliance.

“I am more than pleased to give you this competitive contribution award. It is definitively highlighting how strong Alliance commitment is to follow Manitou’s requirements, especially regarding the competitiveness. Together, we were able to finalize a long-term agreement in productivity plan for all the tires we buy for the Group. For instance, this year, we introduced technical changes to one of the tires which allowed us to make a tremendous saving. It has been possible because we worked closely together with both of our technical departments,” says Sophie Pestel from Manitou Sourcing Team.