Alliance Tire Israel: 60 years of tire excellence

As part of the ‘ATG family’, Alliance Tire Israel is one of the global market leaders in top-quality tires for agriculture and forestry


01.02.2016 | Halsteren / Hadera

Alliance brand well-known for continuous innovation / Simulation as well as extensive indoor and outdoor testing ensure optimum quality and performance / Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as customer-oriented concept

A core team of more than 100 engineers is in charge of ATG’s global R&D work. The expertise gained in the three R&D centres of Alliance Tire Group in Israel, the US and India does not only provide an enormous strength in product design and development but also excellent insights in customer needs and market requirements worldwide. “I am very proud to highlight that every 4.75 days one new tire, and every 5 days one new re-engineered tire, is released by ATG. We presently have an impressive range of high-performance Off Highway Tires (OHT) that includes more than 260 patterns and over 2,600 individual products, thus offering optimum solutions for just any customer and any challenging working environment”, highlights Yogesh Mahansaria, founder and chief executive of Alliance Tire Group.

Thorough testing - from lab to field
Alliance Tire Israel in Hadera, Israel, gained its excellent reputation over almost 60 years of innovation and performance. In order to comply with ATG’s own top-quality standards, and to deliver products with optimum value for end users, intensive testing procedures and the concept of Total Cost of Ownership play a major role in the company’s philosophy. Testing commences with all incoming raw materials which have to pass thorough laboratory testing to be approved for the production process. Product development at ATG also includes the use of advanced simulation and prototyping software; in addition to considerably reducing development timelines, these technologies ensure that new products are defect-free.

Sophisticated modern ATG tires are built to cope with extreme loads, speeds and challenging operating environments. For this purpose, various indoor tests are performed during and after the development and production process. This includes important environmental aspects such as the ability of tires to protect the soil through minimum inflation pressure and special designs. Following these intensive indoor tests, the last testing then takes place outdoor – and often in close cooperation with interested OEM’s.

"Whilst meeting general standards that apply worldwide, OEMs often also use their own testing standards and devices, thus ensuring that our tires are ready for the specific challenges of given applications", explains Elhanan Cohen - Vice president R&D Israel.

Superior value: Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for end users
"The customer is at the centre of all our activities", says Yogesh Mahansaria. "That is why we do anything it takes to ensure that our products and services deliver the best possible, application-specific and purpose-built, tires for unrivalled customer experiences. The true value of a tire only becomes obvious when its productivity is evaluated across the whole lifetime. In addition to our innovative tire concepts, tire life, puncture and wear resistance, minimum downtime and thus low Total Cost of Ownership therefore make ATG’s tires the optimum choice on the market”, Mahansaria concludes.