Alliance Tire Group: Pioneer and segment leader in flotation and high flexion tires showcases high performance products at LAMMA 2019

Various IF and VF tires as well as Multiuse 550 on display / Own research and development as basis for continuous innovation / Low pressure, high performance radial flotation / Increasingly supplying to leading OEM’s / Kirkby Tires as partner on Stand 10.200 in Hall 10


08.01.2019 | Birmingham

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) will use LAMMA, UK’s largest agricultural and machinery show and premier indoor event on 8th and 9th January 2019, to showcase some of the brands’ extraordinary tires for agriculture. Specialising in agricultural, forestry, industrial and OTR, Alliance Tire Group is a leader and pioneer in off-highway tire manufacturing. The brand’s tire range is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Kirkby Tyres, UK’s leading tire wholesaler. Amongst the tires on display will be the row crop Agriflex 363 IF and the Agriflex 372 VF for tractors, radial flotation tires for implements Alliance 389VF, Alliance 885 and Alliance 882 Agri-Transport, and the highly versatile Multiuse 550.

“Alliance Tire Group has always been a pioneer and segment leader in flotation tires. With our extensive research, on-ground testing and years of expertise in the segment, we will continue to provide smarter solutions that help our customers operate their modern machines at full capacity without the fear of soil compaction”, highlights Ole Baek, Head of Sales, Northern Europe at ATG.

Alliance Agriflex tires: Reduced tire pressure for effective soil protection
With its years of experience in the off-road segment and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Alliance Tire Group has been at the forefront to bring revolutionary technologies such as the Agriflex tire range to the market. With this technology, ATG perfected the art of developing and manufacturing stronger IF (Increased Flexion) and VF (Very High Flexion) tires which are able to carry the same load at up to 40% less tire pressure whilst providing excellent stability, low wear, and superb reliability.

The row crop Alliance Agriflex 363 IF on display was specifically developed for towed and self-propelled sprayers as well as MFWA tractors, to offer increased size, load and speed, carry high capacity tanks and allow for higher road speeds even during extended travel distances. The effective footprint and high tread life, reliable traction and good steering, efficient grip on loose soil as well as wear resistance and stability are some of this tire’s convincing key features.

As high-performance tire for combines as well as MFWA and high HP tractors, the Alliance Agriflex 372 VF offers excellent grip, low wear and puncture protection, higher load carrying capacity at the same inflation pressure as well as high speeds and outstanding comfort for road transports.

Setting new standards: ATG’s radial flotation tires
Thanks to the effective combination of flotation and Very High Flexion (VF), the Alliance 389 VF for implements reliably delivers high flotation, the best possible soil protection, high load carrying capacity and stability at all speeds, as well as a low rate of wear resulting in a long service life. The high performance of the Alliance 389 VF gives evidence of the continuous research, innovation and upgrading achieved by ATG’s development engineers. This tire indeed is the world’s first – and so far only – radial floatation tire with VF technology, which allows to carry the same load at 30% less soil compaction. VF flotation tires for implements towed by tractors with IF and VF tires are ideal solutions for consequent and consistent soil protection.

Gently moving heavy loads is at the core of the Alliance 882 Agri-Transport and the Alliance 885 Flotation Radial. The Alliance 882 Agri-Transport is a steel-belted flotation radial tire for trailers, grain wagons and manure spreaders with directional block type tread, delivering superior performance on the road and in the field. The steel-belted construction provides excellent puncture protection and more uniform ground pressure, hence reducing soil compaction. Using low inflation pressure further reduces soil compaction even when very heavy loads are carried. Efficient self cleaning, directional stability, both on and off road, and lower rolling resistance for improved fuel economy also distinguish the Alliance 882 Agri-Transport.

The Alliance 885 Flotation Radial is a steel-belted radial flotation tire that was engineered for standard duty applications. Higher load carrying capacity and working speeds along with superior distribution of pressure on the surface characterise this tire which provides a maximum footprint area. A larger lug contact area at the tire centre line enables a smooth and comfortable operation on the road whilst the slightly rounded shoulders cause least possible damage to soil and plants. In addition, lower rolling resistance enhances fuel efficiency. The strong nylon / polyester casing, high wear resistant tread compounds, as well as a strong bead bundle with an extra thick and reinforced sidewall ensure excellent stability and protection against external damages. The Alliance 885 Flotation Radial is specifically designed and manufactured for balers, grain wagons, cultivators etc.

Multiuse 550 – Alliance’s reliable multi-talent

More than 30 sizes of this multi-talent are available now, thus making this versatile and robust tire the first choice for a wide range of machines and applications. This includes agricultural tractors, telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders, skid-steer loaders, towed trailers and tankers as well as forestry and compact construction machines. The 550 Multiuse is a pneumatic tire that excels with low rolling resistance, less noise generation, effective puncture protection and long service life. Be it soft surfaces such as agricultural land, sand or snow, uneven surfaces such as building and construction sites, forest floors or hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or ice: The 550 Multiuse ensures that engine power is transformed to mere traction.


“We are happy to showcase some of our high-performance tires at LAMMA again. At the same time, it is with great pride that we see ATG’s development towards increasingly supplying leading OEM’s, and as preferred choice among dealers, distributors and end-customers”, says Ole Baek.

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