Alliance Tire Group launches new European Advertising Campaign focused on farmer’s life

ATG Europe launches phase one of its brand new advertising campaign, ready to be talked about in the tires conventional advertising scenario.


The new ad will be officially presented to European press at REIFEN 2016, the world’s leading fair of the tire industry, in Essen (Germany).


24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


ATG communications restyling process will start with Alliance, brand mainly focused on agriculture application, followed closely by Galaxy, for industrial and construction vehicles.


The campaign addresses directly to the driving force of agricultural industry, the farmers, and it aims to reinforce their key role as members of a passionate community: they are proud, honest and down to earth and – most of all - they genuinely believe they have the best job in the world.


“Farmers do extraordinary things, every single day, no matter the weather, no matter the conditions: they never stop” explains Ole Baek, Head of Marketing at ATG “They truly inspired the new campaign: we want they know that ATG is at their side, working on daily basis to do extraordinary tires and achieving together extraordinary results”.


“The stories we highlight are authentic and portray glimpses of real life” adds Mr. Baek “Every element in the campaign evokes genuine and recognizable state of minds with a pinch of irony.”


The campaign, which features three different kind of European farmers, plays on key words that identify different aspects of farmers’ life and personality: tough, modest, vulnerable, tireless.


Photos capture well known working situations, words tell things as they are: farmer’s lives are tough lives, sometimes they feel vulnerable because they cannot fight against bad weather, they often stay modest and do not boast around about what they own, they like to be thrifty and look for the better value. But at the end of the road, they are always in love with their work and no one would change it for a different one.


As well as highlighting the applications that technology can bring, the campaign showcases farmer’s way of thinking by enhancing not only their sense of community but also their peculiarities: regardless of all the similarities, no farmer is the same.


Peter Baur, ATG EU President underlines: "ATG want to stand out: our products speak out themselves, and our external communication is now following the same path. Our challenge was to increase awareness for ATG brands in Europe and there was just one way to do it effectively: abandoning conventions. Communication in tires industry is traditionally impersonal and focus exclusively on products. Our desire was to get emotionally closer to the audience. ATG understands customer needs since ever, now it is time to honor farmers’ professional pride and to talk their language instead of our”.


The new campaign run on major European agriculture and tire related publication starting from June 2016.

Press pictures


Caption for Picture "ATG Reifen 01.JPG" Marketing Manager Ole Baek, ATG Europe, presenting the new campaign at Messe Reifen