Alliance 378 AGRISTAR XL – tire evolution at its best

As modern tractors grow in size, weight, horsepower and speed, tire evolution is constantly needed / Excellent performance of 378 is based on large volume tire technology / Customers need optimum solutions – the AGRISTAR XL delivers



24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


Performance and efficiency are at the core of the innovative Alliance 378 AGRISTAR XL which is on display in size 900/60R42 at the REIFEN fair in Essen.

This large volume tire series was developed for tractors with 180hp and above, and delivers excellent traction in the field as well as a comfortable and smooth ride on hard surfaces. Tread pattern and lugs of the AGRISTAR XL are designed to ensure excellent self-cleaning properties. The strong textile casing with reinforcing belts guarantees stable tire dimensions, high puncture resistance and a large tire to soil contact area that is characterised by a uniform pressure distribution. With a special modern rubber compound, the durable and elastic sidewalls contribute to a long overall tire life. In addition to high hp tractors, the AGRISTAR XL was also developed for combines and harvesters, big wagons, spreaders and sprayers, i.e. for all kinds of applications where heavy weights have to be carried efficiently with maximum soil protection. 


Providing solutions for changing scenarios

As renowned world leader for tires in the various challenging Off-Highway segments, Alliance Tire Group puts enormous efforts in developing and providing tailor-made tire solutions. Since there is a continuous demand for more food, feed and fibre to be produced on agricultural land, productivity of agricultural machinery is continuously increased. “Such productivity increases often come with higher capacities, heavier weights, and faster working speeds of tractors and combines. Tires have to cope with these challenges whilst effectively protecting the soil from damage and compaction. That is why our R&D engineers have gone a long way to develop high volume tires which can be used with low inflation pressure in the field, thus protecting precious agricultural soils. The reliable low wear AGRISTAR XL tires offer excellent performance – in the field and on the road - at the price level of standard tires, thus providing a valuable contribution to enhancing the economic performance of farmers”, explains Peter Baur, President of ATG Europe. 

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