Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX: The tire with ‘built-in’ efficiency boost for tractors and harvesters

More load, higher speeds / New IF and VF technology to minimise impact on soils due to reduced inflation pressure / Optimum performance on multiple surfaces / Maximum reliability with low rate of wear and minimum downtime


24.05.2016 | Essen, Germany


Improved Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) represent the latest technology for agricultural tires. Considerable advancements in tire design, construction and material have enabled what can be considered a true boost for tire performance: These advancements allow the Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX and AGRIFLEX+ tires to carry the same load at a markedly lower tire pressure, or carry higher loads at the same inflation pressure when compared to standard radial tractor tires.

For the AGRIFLEX as Improved Flexion tire, the additional carrying capacity amounts to 20% whilst the AGRIFLEX+ as Very High Flexion tire can even carry 40% more load. With the same load, inflation pressure in return can be reduced from 1.6 bar in regular tires to 1.3 bar in IF tires and to 1.0 bar in VF tires. The 372 AGRIFLEX is on display at this year’s REIFEN fair in ESSEN on stand 20 in Hall 3A.

Multiple strengths

IF and VF tires of Alliance are characterised by special materials and construction. Materials allow for much greater flexibility of these tires with less heat build-up during soil conserving low-pressure operations in the field. In addition, the carcass construction of these steel belted tires also ensures working with high deflection without heat build-up and potential damage due to the separation of components. As an IF type of tire, the 372 AGRIFLEX has a significantly larger footprint, thus minimising ground pressure and soil compaction when compared to standard tires. The larger footprint of the R-1W pattern design also provides higher traction and a clear increase in overall productivity whilst high lugs angles ensure a smooth and comfortable ride also at high speeds.

Economic performance counts
Top quality for a fair price, outstanding performance, low wear and a long operating life are important aspects for farmers. Agricultural machines of today are expected to deliver more, with higher productivity and minimized impacts on the soil. “Efficient operation requires larger areas to be covered per cycle. Time lost on refueling a sprayer tank at the farm yard or time lost during other road transports is unproductive time. Increased capacity reduces such unproductive times but comes with additional weight. Moving larger loads more quickly – and protecting the soil at the same time - therefore allows boosting performance and improving economic results. The fact that the 372 AGRIFLEX and 372 AGRIFLEX+ tires are built for a very long lifespan with minimum downtime further adds to the excellent return on investment”, highlights Peter Baur, President of ATG Europe. 

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