Alliance 337 Deep Lug: New “mud specialist” for low horse-power tractors

Diagonal tyre for operation in wetlands/ High traction, high load / Good self-cleaning ability and road-ability / Long service life


04.12.2017 | Amsterdam


The new Alliance 337 Deep Lug was specifically developed for rice, sugar cane and other muddy terrain. Thanks to the tyre’s multi angled tread pattern and stepped lugs, the 337 Deep Lug is the new traction specialist for soils which are extremely wet and sticky. At the same time, this tyre ensures good road-ability and an extended service life on and off-road.


Master of the “paddy cycle” – and much more

Growing rice means working on fields that are flooded for almost the entire growing season. Land preparation, planting as well as crop protection, fertilisation and weeding all take place when the soils are soaked with water. That is why – for the paddy cycle as well as other operations on muddy terrain – stepped lugs are used to ensure maximum traction. This in turn requires superior tread compounds to avoid damage to the lugs during on road operations. The Alliance 337 Deep Lug has been designed for 80% in the field and 20% on the road operation.

Superior tread compounds, wide nose bars and shadow tie bars make for strong lugs, thus reducing wear on roads and increasing resistance to cuts for a long and efficient service life. For minimum slip and maximum traction, lugs are multi-angled and particularly deep. This tread pattern also ensures excellent self-cleaning abilities of the Alliance 337 Deep Lug.

The new Alliance “mud specialist” with textile fabric is rated R-1W+, has an A8 speed rating and is currently available in the four sizes 14.9-28, 16.9-34, 14.9-24 and 12.4-24. Further sizes are under development.