ATG: Solid solutions for ‘far more than solid’ performance!

Excellent combination of puncture resistance, extended service life and high driving comfort: Innovative ATG SDS tires for forklifts, loaders and skid-steer loaders offer new dimension of value for money / Dual Master 506 and GARDEN PRO as proven radial solutions for excavators and utility tractors



26.10.2016 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Alicante


Tires on forklifts, loaders and skid-steer loaders are met by really tough working conditions wherever they are used. Abrasive surfaces such as tar or concrete, tight or even ‘on the spot’ turns, high load requirements – all this adds to huge daily challenges. Given such demanding working environments, low wear and long service life, maximum puncture resistance and reliable performance without costly downtimes, along with high operator comfort for long and efficient working days, are key features that owners and operators look for. With the innovative YARDMASTER SDS, Beefy Baby SDS, Hulk SDS, Super Smooth SDS, and LHD 500 SDS, ATG Europe are proud to present outstanding all in one tire solutions for these three key types of machinery.


Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS: Impressive performer for challenging yard work

Developed and designed for all kinds of loading and unloading work, shop-floor as well as port and yard operations, the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS is a true workhorse and equally at home on smooth concrete surfaces, rough or damaged concrete floors or paved surfaces, metallic loading ramps and abrasive tarred surfaces. As Severe Duty Solid (SDS), this tire virtually eliminates the possibility of equipment breakdown due to punctures, thus ensuring maximum equipment uptime. The tire profile provides high lateral load carrying capacity, stability and traction whilst the smooth flat tread ensures even wear on hard surfaces. Superior compound formulation ensures improved cut, chip and wear resistance as well as minimum heat build-up when compared to competitors’ tires, thus further adding to a long service life.

Due to the design as ‘3-stage-construction’ and the use of high performance materials, tire life is maximised. The centre compound ensures a smooth, cushioned ride and high operator comfort whilst the base compound provides stability and allows for efficient road transfer. Steel wire creel beads across the entire section of the tire ensure the necessary strength to handle high torque while eliminating slippage of the rim. The different sizes of the Galaxy YARDMASTER SDS tires were released between April and September 2016 and will serve the range of 1 to 5.5 tonnes forklifts. Extensive testing of this innovative tire for forklifts and container handling carts reveals that a life-span three to four times longer than with pneumatic tires is to be expected; with about twice the price of a comparable pneumatic tire, the YARDMASTER SDS indeed is the smarter choice.



Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS: Designed for the roughest working environments

Skid-steer loaders are becoming increasingly popular on construction sites and farms alike. Being the most popular skid-steer tire design, Galaxy’s Beefy Baby now also is available as Severe Duty Solid (SDS). This completely solid rubber tire was designed to ensure maximum tire life and maximum reliability under extremely demanding operating conditions. The multipurpose traction tread pattern with massive irregular spaced lugs ensures impressive

traction and exceptional operator comfort at the same time, whilst the robust solid centre of the Beefy Baby SDS increases tire life and eliminates punctures for uninterrupted working days. Steel wire creel beads prevent rim slippage, and the solid construction ensures maximum productivity with minimised down time. The Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is available as rim plus tire assembly.



New ‘family members’ on the starting grid

Released in June 2016 in size 14-17.5, the Hulk with its unique and robust tread pattern has been specifically designed for skid-steer and backhoe loaders and heavy duty applications. This new tire is characterised by a minimum tread depth of 44/32 and a lug to void ratio of 68% solid to 32% void, both ensuring excellent self-cleaning, extraordinary hours of service and minimised downtimes due to cuts and punctures. Large central block, extra deep under tread as well as the premium cut and chip-resistant compound: all help to reduce tread wear and ensure high resistance to penetration, thus further extending tire life. The unique tread pattern makes this tire suitable for operations on varied surfaces, especially where higher traction is required. The Hulk is ideal for on- and off-road applications and in all cases where reduced soil compaction is important. At the same time, the superior sidewall gives better stability while working on slopes.

In addition to the new Hulk SDS, which is available for testing at present, ATG also announces the limited release of two more innovative solid tires for loaders and skid-steer loaders for testing. These two tire innovations, the Super Smooth SDS and the LHD 500 SDS, also follow the ‘solid tires for far more than solid performance’ concept, and particularly address operators of scrap yards and transfer stations, where puncture hazards are highest and downtime is extremely costly. The new solid tires complement ATG’s ‘Beefy Baby SDS’, the first solid tire that was recently launched.



Dual Master 506 and GARDEN PRO

In addition to the range of latest SDS tires, ATG also draws the attention to the Dual Master 506 and the GARDEN Pro. The Dual master 506 is an all steel radial with non-directional tread design, suited for industrial and hard terrain applications of excavators. It allows an on- and off-road use, performing at its best on hard surfaces. The flatter sidewall profile of this tire prevents the ingression of stones between the two tires of a pair so that protecting spacers are not needed. Thanks to the tire’s robust all steel carcass and longer tread life, the Dual Master 506 is a very profitable choice in terms of value for money, and recent comparisons have proven that the Alliance Dual Master outlives re-treaded radial tires at least by two times.

ATG’s Galaxy Garden Pro is the result of a 2 years’ research and development process: This tire was specifically designed to improve performance of utility tractors used in gardens, orchards and vineyards. Its highly versatile tread design – with a steep centreline angle, a smooth open channel as well as open shoulders and the low lug angle at the shoulder – was engineered to provide more void between lugs than conventional R-3 tires for efficient self-cleaning and traction. The radial construction with its block type tread design provides a larger footprint for reduced ground pressure and minimised compaction, and the round shoulders ensure that the turf remains undamaged. The Garden Pro is available in a complete range of front and rear axle sizes.

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