Alliance 389 VF, the 1st flotation tire in the world with VF technology: flotation + VF characteristics ‘all in one’

World premiere of first flotation tire with VF technology – tire innovation at its best



27.02.2017 | Paris/Amsterdam


Both flotation tires and VF technology stand for revolutionary innovations in the global tire industry. Just by themselves, each one of these two innovations brought decisive improvements for agricultural machinery – in terms of soil protection and efficiency alike – and ATG’s tire development engineers decisively contributed to these achievements in both cases. By combining these two innovative approaches, however, Alliance Tire Group now indeed presents tire innovation at its best.


Whilst flotation tires generally ensure more efficient soil protection due to reduced soil pressure, Very High (VF) flexion tires offer the additional advantage of a greater load carrying capacity at the same tire pressure as a conventional flotation tire, or carrying the same load with a markedly reduced tire pressure – thus further reducing the risk of soil compaction.

Leading the Flotation Radial market – and proceeding!
Alliance tires are already recognised as the leaders in the global Flotation Radial market. The fact that innovative patterns such as Alliance 380 and Alliance 390 are used by some of the most prestigious trailer and machinery manufacturers in Europe, clearly shows that these tires are highly appreciated in the industry.

The world premiere of the Alliance 389 VF now opens the next round of innovation: the first Very High Flexion Flotation tire offers the possibility to be either operated at 30 per cent lower tire pressure or with 30 per cent more load at the same pressure as a conventional flotation tire. By means of this outstanding innovation, Alliance Tire Group is able to provide high-performance tires which allow trailer tires to mirror the pressure of VF tires on today's high horsepower tractors, thus significantly reducing foot print pressure and resulting soil compaction during agricultural operations – which in turn allows to maintain soil fertility and high yield potentials.

New Alliance 389 VF tire to be launched in various sizes
Starting with the launch of the Alliance 389 VF series at SIMA in Paris in February 2017, different sizes are expected to be launched throughout the year. Amongst other sizes, this will include VF 650/55R26.5 in June 2017, VF 600/55R26.5 and VF 750/45R26.5 in August and various other sizes in the months to come.