Tires for the long run: Alliance Tire Group extends warranty to 10 years

Distinguished by very high standards in R&D and manufacturing / Confidence in quality and reliability / New ten-year warranty for the agricultural steel belted radial tires/ New seven-year warranty for all other agricultural tires / Effective immediately


15.01.2019 | Amsterdam

Alliance Tire Group of companies (ATG) owned by The Yokohama Rubber Co Ltd., has introduced a new ten-year workmanship and materials warranty on specific agricultural radial steel belted tires as of January 1st, 2019. The warranty for these tires has been doubled from previously five to now ten years, being one of the longest warranty periods offered in the sector so far. For all other agricultural tires of ATG, the warranty is now extended to seven years. New warranties cover SKUs across ATG’s Alliance, Galaxy, Primex and other brands applicable to Tractor, Agricultural-Transport, Fronts, Implements, Harvester, Row Crop & Sprayer tires. The new warranty includes 100% adjustment within two years of use or up to 25% tread wear whichever is less.

ATG’s announcement of the new warranty conditions is a clear statement of confidence in the expertise of the own research and development engineers, in the excellent manufacturing quality in ATG’s production sites, and the powerful backup by the Yokohama brand’s knowledge and experience. “At Alliance, we are highly committed to innovation, latest technology and to premium components. Made in our modern high-tech factories, we have enormous confidence in the quality and reliability of Alliance tires. That is why we now provide industry-leading warranty standards to our customers”, says Angelo Noronha, President of ATG for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

At the same time, warranty for all other types of agricultural tires is extended from five to seven years.  “We are very proud to announce these extended warranty periods as a clear additional benefit to our customers. The quality and reliability of our tires – as basis for this long warranty period – give clear evidence of our claim ‘value for money’”, concludes Angelo Noronha.

Detailed information on the terms and conditions of the warranty is available on the company’s website: