Galaxy extends the range of Yardmaster pneumatic bias tires for forklifts

Five new SKUs with higher ply rating in Galaxy Yardmaster series / Proven pneumatic forklift tire offers optimal footprint for stability and low wear on hard surfaces / ‘Specialist’ for medium intensity operations / Value offering (EN, DE, ES, IT, FR, NL, PL)


06.04.2020 | Amsterdam



Five additional SKUs with higher ply rating are introduced for key sizes to meet today’s demands and complement the proven series of Galaxy Yardmaster forklift tires. This range of pneumatic bias tires is characterised by a strong casing and stiff sidewalls that provide both excellent stability and high ride comfort during lifting and shifting operations that are typical for medium size, medium duty forklifts. These machines are typically used for loading and unloading, shop-floor duties as well as outdoor operations on moderately uneven surfaces. The Galaxy Yardmaster series is a value offering which features an optimal tire profile with a smooth flat tread, strong casing, fortified sidewalls and tread block reinforcements. Sizes 21X8-9 (16 PR), 7.00-12, 7.00-15 and 7.50-15 (all 14 PR) and 250-15 (20 PR) now further extend Galaxy’s Yardmaster offering.

Made to withstand hard surfaces

The profile of the Galaxy Yardmaster was specifically developed for lateral load carrying capacity, stability and traction. The strong casing is strengthened by stiff sidewalls, further adds to the tire’s stability and ensures smooth pneumatic ride comfort. Fortified sidewalls protect the Yardmaster against cuts during operation whilst reinforced tread blocks and a strong central tie bar make sure that this tire also withstands extreme strains that can be experienced in some loading and shifting operations.

Special compounds were chosen for the cut, chip and wear resistance that is needed for demanding one or two shift operations. In addition to the optimal tire profile, also the flat tread ensures that, along excellent stability, footprint and load distribution fully match all operational requirements. “Seeing the growing demand for efficient logistics solutions and just in time material supply, we are happy to provide adequate answers – and extending the proven Yardmaster series of pneumatic bias forklift tires with these five SKUs is just one of these specific answers”, highlights Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at Alliance Tire Group (ATG).